2020 “Christmas Star,” last seen 800 years ago

The year 2020 has certainly been an unforgettable year. In its last weeks it has also been making itself memorable for some better reasons. This year Dec. 21, which is the longest and darkest day of the year, a bright phenomenon happened in the sky.

Called the “The Great Conjunction,” by some astronomers, the beautiful sight is was caused by Jupiter and Saturn drawing closer together in the night sky than they have been for hundreds of years. On this historic moment the huge planets also appeared closest to the Earth so people were able to see the conjunction without a telescope.

This amazing event is also being referred to as the “Christmas Star,” due to the time of year it appeared. Reminding people of the famous Christmas Star that led the three wise men to Bethlehem thousands of years ago when Christ was born.

There has been research to show that the last time Jupiter and Saturn where aligned so close to earth was 1623. However, the stargazing conditions the last time it appeared hindered those from earth in being able to see the amazing sight. It is believed the last time that these two planets came together in this way and was viewable with the naked eye was in the year 1226.

So in between all of the crazy stories of 2020 that you will someday be telling your grandchildren don’t forget to tell them about this historic moment as well.


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