AmeriCorps volunteer sees work in Antonito as a way of serving her country

Courtesy Photo AmeriCorps volunteer Allyson Stone is shown with students of the Antonito Homeschool Consortium.

ANTONITO — Allyson Stone is in her second year of service with Alpine Achievers Initiative, where she assists with garden lessons at the public school, Justice lessons, English language arts and excursions with the Antonito Homeschool Consortium.
A native of Marietta, Ga., she says her service is important, because, "It's
about asking what you can do to help others in your community and being part of something bigger than yourself.
"I believe in this age of individuality and 'me generation,' we can learn a lot about ourselves and our country by committing to a year of service."
The desire to serve is why she joined AmeriCorps. "I’ve always wanted to serve my country via an alternative route from the military and AmeriCorps was the perfect fit."
What do you wish others knew about serving with AmeriCorps?
"Moving to a new and rural community can be overwhelming at first, and you might feel sad and homesick. Reaching out to your AmeriCorps cohort and building relationships with community members will help you create a home away from home and remind you why you are here."

What has been the most rewarding part of your AmeriCorps experience so far?
"Getting to be a kid again and play. Out-of-school time programming with kiddos is so much fun! Kids are free, they usually have no filter, are curious about everything and crack the cutest jokes.
"Last year, I had the opportunity to teach some youth about photography during spring break with some other members. I set up field trips with local photographers.
"Seeing the youth get excited about one of my passions made me overjoyed.
"It’s also the little moments each day that we interact with youth that are a privilege.

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