BOCC talks trash

CONEJOS COUNTY — The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) talked trash at their first meeting of the new year when a Manassa area resident shared some sad information.
Robert Taylor pointed out that not only were some of the back roads bad, but trash was being dumped alongside them.
Speaking about roads and bridges, Donnie Martinez pointed out that all work related matters have been recorded and county crews have been working on the problems.
Taylor pointed out the trash kept coming back and landowners, as well as other members of the public, have been trying to curtail it.
 “Whose responsibility is it?” he asked the commissioners.
There have been problems with tires, broken appliances and other trash that don’t get recycled, Taylor pointed out.
Commission Chair Mitch Jarvies said the county has a shredding issue. Tires are cut in quarters, and then thrown in dumpsters, but some disposal companies will no longer take tires.
Jarvies said manifests are requested — Who is disposing of the tires and how many?
The haulers are also looking for money.
The commissioners said people with trailers head out onto the county roads with loads of tires and someone in the back tosses a tire out every 20 feet or so. The tires remain there.
Commissioner John Sandoval said he can have the crew assigned to his district go out and clean up trash or tires, and then an illegal dump reappears the next week.
It’s a never-ending battle, he said, while County Treasurer Mack Crowther pointed out that it’s part of the reality of life.
If a new property tax levy is passed for solid waste removal, it will have to be on the ballot, Jarvies concluded.

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