Busy is as busy does

It appears that another summer season has come to a close for Ol’ Dutch and Miss Trixie, and what a season it was indeed. It started out like a Kansas tornado and never stopped until just this last Saturday with the end of elk and bear season. No matter the long-winded promises by Miss Trixie all last winter about “taking time for ourselves” and “not overpromising to others,” she hit the ground running and, even short of breath due to the altitude, we soon were immersed in everything Colorado and more.

She talked long and often about all the “fun” she had driving the vans for Mountain Man Rafting in South Fork. And just like Tom Sawyer told his friends how much fun it was to paint the fence and got them to do it for him, she soon had Ol’ Dutch driving fun seekers every day of the week up and down the river.

Of course no summer is complete without the Elks Monday night bingo at Creede in the underground community center and we partook of that liberally and more. I think we are probably out about $100,000 or so due to the added treats of hotdogs and popcorn along with the bingo. They got new cards this year and our normally good luck with our special cards soon disappeared into the mining shaft abyss like the Titanic after hitting the iceberg.

The Creede Ladies Aid Society held its annual garage sale extravaganza and we got some good buys on some real treasures. Miss Trixie got to fill some $3 bags on the last day and now we are taking back to Texas a lot more than we brought out. Otherwise known as “winning” to Trixie.

I also noticed that the Jeep was sagging a bit the other day and was concerned that maybe the shocks had failed or some other problem. Checking closer I soon found out why it was sagging like a wanna be gangster with low rider pants. Potatoes. Yes, you heard right Miss Trixie had gone out to the valley and had them auger in a load of delicious spuds to be distributed to friends and family all over Texas.
She is kinda like the Santa Claus of the Irish fruit.

Now I don't know how many potatoes she wanted but I know how many we got and it's a sizable quantity. I do believe if she had been around in 1845, she could have single-handedly prevented the Irish Potato Famine. What a godsend that would have been.

Not to be outdone, Ol' Dutch did score mightily on an antique Indian lamp. I don't know why Miss Trixie rolled her eyes at that and the poor girl will have to have that checked out maybe when we go to Mexico. She says it’s gaudy while I say it's tasteful. Regardless, I like it and am gonna keep it no matter public opinion. I got quite a lot of tools and man stuff, too, so I am going to need some sort of Lady of Fatima miracle to get it all back to the Texas farm.

You would think having had a busy summer we would take some time off but it looks like as soon as we hit Texas we will be babysitting the grands for a weekend. Then it’s off to Kansas to see my dad who will be celebrating his 93rd birthday. Then as soon as we return to the ranch it’s off to Mexico and some fishing in the Gulf waters.

I am not sure how I got back into this busy all the time mode after retiring from a hectic lifestyle, but I do recall it all began after I met Miss Trixie and started kissing her lips. So maybe it’s like the flu and I caught the busy life from her. All I know is there is never a dull moment and how else would a person want it anyway. Here’s to a safe winter for you all and Godspeed wherever He may take you.

Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily. His email is [email protected]. Additional news can be found at www.troutrepublic.com or on Twitter at TroutRepublic.