CCSO says old vehicle with 'offensive sticker' not theirs

CONEJOS COUNTY — The new owners of an old Conejos County Sheriff's Office vehicle placed an "offensive political sticker" in its rear window and now people are upset with the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Garth Crowther issued said the office does not own the vehicle and that it was sold to a private individual on Sept. 9. 

"At this time there is a vehicle that no longer belongs to the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office driving around the Valley with an offensive political sticker in the rear window," Crowther stated in a press release. "The vehicle in question was sold as a non-runnable vehicle, to a private individual and is no longer affiliated with the Conejos County Sheriff’s Offapologizevehicle was sold with the understanding that the remaining Conejos County markings would be taken off of the vehicle before it was put into use." 

CCSO also issued an apology. 

"The Sheriff and staff at the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office wish to apologize to any and all individuals who took offense to this unnecessary display. We absolutely do not and will not tolerate the infringement of anyone’s political views," Crowther stated. The Sheriff's Office did not provide specific details of the sticker. 


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