Citizen complains of rural road speeding

GUADALUPE — Drivers speeding down County Road H brought one unhappy resident to meet with the Conejos Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) last Thursday.
Erwin Romero said he had met with the BOCC earlier and felt he had been “blown off because no one visited him to talk about the problem.
“The county is trying to tell me I’m not the only one (who’s unhappy),” he said. The road is heavily traveled with heavy construction equipment and large trucks and “my disabled brother walks in the area.”
He said drivers do not slow down. “People live here. Why are log trucks going down the road?”
“The bridges are falling down and the county doesn’t understand the traffic volumes. What can we do?”
“I’m concerned that some of the people speeding probably don’t have insurance or driver’s licenses,” Romero said. “It’s not a straight road. It’s curved. People don’t realize that.” Romero recalled several crashes and roll-overs there.
One would think the heavily graveled road would cause people to slow down, Romero said, but it hasn’t.
He said the speed limit is 55 and asked if it could be more clearly posted. “I came up with the idea of speed bumps and neighbors put blocks out there, but they were removed.”
Romero said he felt speed was the problem on the road.
Due to the presence of a handicapped person in the area, County Land Use Administrator Linda DeHerrera said the county could ask for a review and perhaps make some changes due to that fact.
It was suggested a traffic study might provide some information.
Donnie Martinez then explained some of the processes for planning road and bridge work, especially in district 2 and 3.

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