Community unity shown in benefit held for Aundre Chavez

Coaches and particpants from Saturday’s wrestling clinic fundraiser get together for a photo after the night’s events. Alamosa High School State Champions - Dalton Kelley, Cody Yohn and Sonny Yohn were on hand to work with the young wrestlers. Courtesy Photo Courtesy Photo

ALAMOSA — Saturday night, June 29 was a demonstration of a community’s potential. The Alamosa and La Jara communities came together to help their own.
Groups of people within the Centauri and Alamosa school districts, the wrestling community, as well as  sponsoring businesses all dedicated their time or donations for Aundre Chavez’s fight against leukemia.
Aundre is the younger brother of Joe Chavez, 3X State Wrestling Champion at Alamosa and Centauri High School. Aundre has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). ALL is very common for children and adolescents.
Over the next three years Aundre will need to go through a series of chemotherapy treatments, blood transfusions and surgeries.
Enter Saturday’s fundraising clinic, where coaches included accomplished high school and college wrestlers Dalton Kelley, Sonny Yohn and Cody Yohn of Alamosa High School. Kelly and the Yohns took to the mats to show the youth a thing or two during the wrestling clinic.
In addition to the actual learning aspect others pitched win with time and effort. Aundre’s teachers, principals and their spouses were there all night helping. Alamosa wrestling coaches spent individual time helping the tiny ones out. People from both communities donated not only their time, money and supplies, but their positive thoughts and prayers. Alamosa High school staff donated their time keeping the facility open. Adams State Coach Jason Ramstetter and his wrestlers helped move mats from the ASU to the AHS football field.
Though the wrestling clinic has concluded, those not in need of brushing up their grappling can still help out. If one still wishes to give they can visit the Chavez GoFundMe account at Or they can visit an Alamosa State Bank location donating to the account name, ‘Joe Chavez for the benefit of Aundre Chavez’.


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