Conejos County Weed Control District offers noxious weed cost share program

CONEJOS —Though the valley is having a dry spring and summer so far, the weeds are definitely starting to flourish. There are over 400 different weed species in the state of Colorado of which 74 are considered noxious.  A noxious weed is one that is not native to the area.  Some are very invasive and take over an area, preventing natural plants from growing.  Noxious weeds need water and nutrients to grow and, therefore, leave little nourishment for natural plants. Weeds can contribute to wildfires which destroy natural habitat for local animals, birds, insects and personal property.  Many noxious weeds are poisonous to animals as well as humans.  Some weeds may contain certain food value to animals but can also prevent grass and other crops from flourishing. If we and our neighbors do not make an effort to control the noxious weeds on our property, then who will?

To help with noxious weed control, the Conejos County Weed Control District is offering to cost share with landowners in the unincorporated areas of Conejos County. Landowners who own property within the Weed District may be assisted at a rate of 75% paid by the Weed District and 25% paid by the landowner. The District will assist up to a maximum of $400.00 per landowner.  Those people owning property outside of the Weed District may be assisted at a rate of 35% paid by the Weed District and 65% paid by the landowner. Again, the assistance will be up to a maximum of $400.00 per landowner.

The Conejos County Weed Control District also has three 50-gallon weed sprayers and two backpack sprayers available for personal use.  A small deposit will be required at the time of check out. The deposit will be returned to the landowner when the sprayers are returned in good working condition.  To sign up for the cost share program or to use one of these sprayers, please contact Myron Price at 719-588-2005. Let’s work together to beautify our county.


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