Coroner Martin seeks re-election

onejos County Coroner Richard A. Martin

CONEJOS COUNTY— Conejos County Coroner Richard A. Martin is seeking re-election.“Conejos County deserves an experienced well-qualified medically trained coroner to serve the citizens of this county, I have that experience,” said Martin.
“I am the voice, the guardian of the deceased. My deputies and I treat your loved one with the utmost respect, with the dignity they deserve. I approach every situation professionally and with the utmost confidentiality! You and your family can expect compassion following the death of your loved one,” Martin explained.
Martin has served Conejos County as coroner for the last eight years and was deputy coroner for approximately 15 years. He has been with the Conejos County Ambulance for 40 years and served on the hospital board for 15 years. Martin has served for 41 years as a volunteer firefighter and numerous years as fire chief with Central Conejos County Fire Protection District and numerous years in Search and Rescue also in Conejos County.
Martin added, he strives to offer the residents of Conejos County peace of mind knowing that accurate death certificates will be issued in a timely manner. “My deputies and I attend annual coroner conferences and trainings, to ensure the highest standards in the office of county coroner,” remarked Martin.
“I carefully manage tax-payer dollars. I am available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I want Conejos County citizens to know that I am always approachable and accessible at 719-588-5019” finished Martin. 


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