Costilla County Primary 2020 Election Results

Robert Espinoza Courtesy Photo

Costilla County Election Results

SAN LUIS- Unofficial results for Costilla County are now in, with Robert Espinoza winning the three-candidate Democratic Primary for Costilla County Commissioner District 1, receiving 555 votes over Lawrence “Ted” Rael’s 336 and Joe “Doro” Sanchez’s 186.  For District 3, Democrat Steven Romero defeated Democrat Alonzo Lobato 659 to 416.

In the other races, the unofficial results for Costilla County only-not their entire respective districts- include John Hickenlooper defeating Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic Senate Primary 630 to 408. James Iacino received 501 votes over Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush’s 449 in the CD3 Democratic Primary, with Republican Incumbent Scott Tipton receiving 136 votes to challenger Lauren Boebert’s 72.  In the House District 62 Democrat Primary, Democrat Incumbent Donald Valdez received 718 votes over challenger Matthew Martinez’s 312 and on the Republican side, Logan Taggart received 142 votes to Steven Rodriguez’s 58. Alonzo Payne, Democrat running for District Attorney of Judicial District 12 and from San Luis, received 790 votes over Robert Willett’s 258.


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