County plans changes after election

CONEJOS — The taxpayers’ veto of a proposed sales tax to fund operations has the county commissioners planning ways for government to stay afloat.
County Administrator Tressessa Martinez announced the planning intensity at the regular Conejos County Board of Commissioners meeting Nov. 7, observing, “the citizens showed county services were not important… Just what will be eliminated or cut?”
Voters defeated Ballot issue No. 1A, with no votes totaling 1,528 to 778 yes.
This would have increased county sales tax to support county operations.
Voters were asked to approve or deny increase of Conejos County taxes by an estimated $1,095,985 in the first fiscal year, as well as by whatever additional amounts raised annually thereafter by the imposition of an additional countywide sales tax rate of 2.75 cents on each dollar spent in the county.
Burden of the tax would not have been solely on the citizens of the county, but also on hunters, campers and others traveling through and spending money there.
Residents are warned that without this sales tax, services may need to be cut, offices closed and other services might be eliminated completely.
Martinez said the county would work on being leaner and smarter, with some services cut and others possibly eliminated. Office hours at the county courthouse may be cut or closed.
The commissioners planned an initial work session Nov. 8, then more planning and actions to follow.
In other business, the commissioners listed legal holidays and set regular meetings the first and third Thursday of each month. The meetings had been set the first Thursday and 15th of each month and the change made planning easier.


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