County voters elect Crowther, veto sales tax

Sheriff-elect Garth Crowther

CONEJOS — There’s a new sheriff in town, but his work won’t be supported by a county wide sales tax.
Final election results show Republican Garth Crowther drawing 2,586 votes to 950 for Democrat Jacob D. Ortiz.
With 5,405 registered voters in the county, 3,628 ballots were cast for a 67.12 percent turnout.
Thanking voters for their support, Crowther promised to give the job as sheriff all he has to give.
While retired Colorado State Patrol Trooper Crowther was popular with the voters, the county sales tax issue didn’t fare as well, with a total of 3,395 votes cast on the question breaking down to 2,079 against and 1,376 in favor.
The tax funds would have supported law enforcement and emergency medical services.
With the county considered a Republican stronghold, voters broke ranks with 2,088 favoring incumbent State Representative Democrat Donald E. Valdez and 1,482 for challenger Scott Honeycutt, a Republican. A total of 3,570 ballots were cast in this race.
In Board of County Commissioners District Two, incumbent Republican Mitchell Jarvies had 2,276 voters in his favor to 1,279 supporting Democrat Steve A. Cordova.
Another race between incumbent and challenger was close between Republican incumbent County Coroner Richard Martin, with 1,947 votes, to challenger Democrat Leslie Salazar with 1,590.
Democrat incumbent Nathan Ruybal ran unopposed for the post of county clerk and recorder, garnering 2,861 votes, while Republican County Treasurer Mack Crowther, also running unopposed, drew 3,054 votes.
Democrat Naomi Martinez-Keys ran unopposed for her seat and drew 2,993 votes, while incumbent County Surveyor Marvin Reynolds drew 2,779 confidence votes.
For governor, 1,641 voters supported the Democrat ticket of Jared Polis and Dianne Primavera, while 1,747 wanted Republican Walker Stapleton and Lang Sias. A total of 132 voters supported other candidates.
The race for Secretary of State was a near tie with Republican Wayne Williams and Democrat Jena Griswold tallying 1,696 and 1,699, respectively. Voters cast 108 ballots for other candidates.
Another very close race was for State Treasurer, with Republican Brian Watson tallying 1,717 votes to 1,696 for Democrat Dave Young and 87 for other candidates.
More tight tallies saw Republican George Brauchler with 1,767 to Democrat Phil Weiser’s 1,657. A total of 75 votes went to Libertarian William F. Robinson III.


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