Couple helping build San Luis community 

Photo by Diane Drekmann  Florinda and Moses Hernandez pose for a photo in front of their booth at the Fiesta de Otono in San Luis.

SAN LUIS — The town of San Luis is coming to life by doing things to revitalize the town. 

One thing it has done is have booths available to rent for $100 per month to promote small businesses and support entrepreneurs. 

One couple that took advantage of this opportunity is Moses and Florinda Hernandez. They are bright lights in the community helping to create positive change. His company, BoundbyBlood designs reflects his deep Christian faith.   

Moses and Florinda can be found at different events, most recently at the Fiesta de Otono.  They had a booth selling snow cones with a twist-umbrella, sunglasses, T-shirts Moses designs, and miscellaneous items. Moses was the DJ and also hosted movie night. 

They help where they can, assisting with different events. Moses believes it is important to be a presence in the community by your actions. 

“To build the community, you have to be the community," he said. “If you give into the right, it will be given (back to you)."  

They are working to improve the booths, equip them with heat and light so they can be used year-round. Moses made a YouTube video when COVID-19 first arrived, titled “Moses Hernandez Just Pray.” 

Moses and Florinda's hope is to "make the chain as one."