Design of San Luis Plaza unveiled

SAN LUIS — The two half-circle design of the San Luis Plaza creates an intimate setting for smaller gatherings. The design allows more covered sitting areas in the hot summers and open-air table space for cooler days to eat lunch or sit and have a cup of coffee with friends in the fresh mountain air.

The half-circle on the left allows for small concert gatherings and the circle on the right encourages small social gathering for locals and a place for weary travelers to sit and rest for a while.
Behind the right half-circle is space for vendor carts or trucks and local entrepreneurs to set up shop to sell food items, creating a local town food court.

When not being used for concerts or gatherings, plenty of tables with umbrellas will adorn the space to become the place for locals to socialize with family and friends.

A large fireplace, an orno, and a BBQ pit will be available for use as well.

The house to the left will be a local coffee shop to include an Airbnb space for town visitors.

On the right, the Town Hall welcome center will open to the Town Plaza for easy visitor access to the restrooms and for more Town of San Luis information to encourage visitors to explore the Oldest Town in Colorado.