Guadalupe Water Association seeks help for flooding

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To Whom it May Concern,


My name is Peter Duarte, I am the president of the Guadalupe Water Association, and I am reaching out to anyone who may be able to help us. We have gone through all local channels  for many years, and have had no success. The flooding in this community is due to improper irrigation to the west of the community, and not due to the excess runoff from the local river.  The flooding is not only causing damages to peoples homes, it also brings swarms of mosquitos.  We have been unable to resolve this problem, due to the county not willing to spray for this impending infestation. The flooding occurred within just a few hours (from approximately 10AM to 2PM and continued to get worse as the day progressed) on June 4th 2019. The community is comprised of mainly  elderly people living here, that are very susceptible to the diseases that mosquitos carry. We have gone to commissioners, ditch riders, owners of the land, and the sheriff's department, with no results. We feel, as a community, that someone should be liable for the damages and excess of mosquitos, due to the flooding. I am writing this email in hopes of finding some sort of assistance from anyone willing to give it. Please help us!


Respectfully Yours,


President of the Guadalupe Water Association

Peter Duarte


7189 County Road 13

Conejos, CO 81129



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