Lessons from 2020

As the world prepares to ring in another year there seems to be a great deal of apprehension after the rollercoaster, we have just made it through. No one could have predicted a year like 2020, and as 2021 gets ready to dawn it’s understandable that many are feeling nervous to see what new disasters might lie ahead.

Although we may not know what is coming for us in the new year, 2020 with all of its awfulness has taught us many things. We have learned to appreciate so many everyday gifts. Like spending time with family and friends, going to work or school, eating at your favorite restaurant, celebrations and travel. We have also been reminded of how precious life is and to live it to its fullest. Enjoying every minute because you don’t know when it’ll be your last.

We’ve seen how important it is for communities to come together and for neighbors to help each other through these difficult times. We’ve seen the effects of greed and hoarding on groceries store shelves and have tried to help our struggling small businesses.

Over the past months we’ve all had to become more creative to survive our everyday. When regular celebrations were canceled, we went to work and  got creative to still safely hold our festivities. Undaunted and blessed to live in a day and age were Zoom is available we did our best to stay connected.

Through all that we have lost in 2020 we are learning to overcome. It is making us stronger and we can enter 2021 with hope. Let us hope for the best and make the best of whatever it is because in the end that’s all anyone can do. Let’s not forget all the lessons we’ve learned in 2020. Remember to be there for each other. Let’s keep going and keep doing our best. As Dory from Finding Nemo put it, “Just keep swimming.”



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