Letter to the Editor: A memorial for all who risk losing it all

To the editor,
I stepped out to feel the cool rain in my face
How long has it been since His Word and His grace
Saved me from hell in that hell of a place?
No breath and no feeling. Am I dead or just dreaming?
Am I sinking or sliding in this blood thickened mud?
Short breaths have returned. I hear shouting and thunder
Then blindness and blackness. Then fear and I wonder
Is this what it’s like? Will I be laid under
This hill that we gained in our fight to remain
The savior of these who long to be free
But what of my brother whose life is as dear
To all who love peace and freedom from fear
Who risk all every day and often come near
To losing it all for the sake of the call
To protect and defend this land from within
You see him each day in the streets of your town
To some an annoyance while just looking around
Not heeding the signs and not slowing down
What’s this trifle comparing to the unholy blaring
Of mortars and cannon and innocents dying
To protect and to serve means keeping the peace
And in lands far away that oppression might cease
Whether enforcement at home or battle overseas
The fruit of their call: to deliver to all
Terror and tyranny stamped out by the free.
To all those who risk all to keep this land free            
On our streets; on our shores; or over the sea               
Where tyranny, oppression and terror may threaten     
To these brave men and women we always will be
Driven to honor your courage and stand
For freedom and peace in this God-given land
Active and veteran, here and passed on…
For you are freedom’s best song.

Gary Johnson
Monte Vista


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