Letter to the Editor: Republican Party once a ‘shining light on the hill’

To the editor,

I turned 20, in 1976, voting for President for the first time. I voted for Jimmy Carter, not because of his politics, but because of his character, he was (and is) a good man.

In 1980 I gain voted for President Carter and was dismayed that Ronald Reagan won. I feared for America’s future.

As it turned out my fears were baseless and Regan became one of the greatest Presidents. He was a devout Christian like Carter, and like Carter his love for America was second only to his love for his wife.

I became a proud Reagan Republican, voting straight Republican until 2016. I had reservations about the decency and integrity of Donald Trump. So, I voted Johnson for President, and Republican for all other races.

Sadly, I was proven right about Trump. He is a divider and not uniter. His administration is rife with corruption. I was most concerned about his constant lying. Every time he spoke, I was embarrassed to be an American and I love this country.

Even worse, the Republican Party once a “shining light on the hill” led by Reagan, has become a racist, hate-filled party. It drove me to vote for a Democrat for the first time since 1980. In fact, I voted straight Democrat.

I now pray every night that the Republican Party will return to the innate goodness of Ronald Reagan and away from the Party of hate led by Donald Trump.

Until they do, this proud Regan Republican will vote straight Democrat.

God bless America and Joe Biden.

Wayne Edelman
South Fork, CO


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