Letter to the Editor: To the residents of Creede

To the editor,

Growing up in Creede, I have seen changes come and go.  Due to recent issues affecting the businesses and community, I have decided to voice my opinion.  Throughout the years local government and businesses have worked together for a common good.  By working together, we have been able to achieve things that a lot of small communities would be envious of.

It seems to me that government no longer wants to promote or help the businesses in town but drive them away.  They are bringing in vendors for the 4th of July, even after our merchants and restaurants have been closed for months.  Vendors will not contribute to our local economy but will take their money down the road with them.  Most local businesses are hanging on by a shoestring trying to deal with loss of income from the pandemic.

City leaders need to look at the direction they are being steered in, and by whom.  Ask questions and get real answers, not fabricated answers.

A sales tax increase for the city goes into effect July 1, taking them to a number greater than the county or the state, plus they also get a share of the sales tax revenue received by the county.  Take a hard look at where the money is going.  Yes, we must look at the future and away from “Mayberry,” but to what end?  We are not attracting businesses but scaring them away.  One hundred percent (100%) of zero tax dollars collected is still zero.  When we built the store in town, we worked together to keep business in town.  Not sure what would be the case today.

Ron Fief
Kentucky Belle Market


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