Monte Vista resident publishes two books

Photo by Rebecca Copley Published author Gary Johnson holding up his books, “How to Vote…and Win!” and the “Love of God.” He also holds another book he is working on entitled, “The Lost Scrolls.”

MONTE VISTA - Local Monte Vista resident and City Council member Gary Johnson has recently authored and published two books. His latest book entitled, “How to Vote… and Win!” is ready just in time for 2020 voters. “How to vote and win is not about your favorite candidate nor is it about the evil other party candidate. It’s about a process, and a process that if you follow, will free you from the stress and bother that usually accompanies an election year,” writes Johnson on the book jacket.

When asked what he hopes readers will take away from reading his book, Johnson answered saying, “Just a bigger picture of the whole process. Less of a personal responsibility for what’s going on.

Because what that evolves into is frustration. Because if you really get the bigger picture you understand that there is a part you play in all of this and it’s not looking at the graph after the election is over and there is this massive amount of votes that went over here, and some went over there and here’s mine. Let me get the magnify glass.”

Johnson further shared about his newest book saying, “It really is a unique perspective and has the potential of doing exactly what says on the back cover of just taking the stress out of this. And it’s pretty simple there’s a couple of places (in the Bible) one in Philippians it says don’t worry about anything another one in 1 Peter that says don’t have a care. Worrying doesn’t solve anything. We all think it’s important to worry but what good does it do?”

Johnson shared that he hopes the 52 page book will be able to make a huge impact nationally and make a huge difference for many voters. “This gets away from all the polarization it’s just talking about the truth and I really believe it’s going to go very big across the country and make a difference,” said Johnson sharing, “Our part in the Valley is an important one. When we talk about the grassroots Midwest, this is about as grassroots and down home, honest, hardworking folks that really care about their country as any that you’ll find.”

Johnson has also published a fourth edition of his book, “The Love of God.” Johnson who has a degree in Bible Theology shared that what caused him to write the book has to do with an important concept called mediation. “We usually don’t see much about that and if we do we’re thinking Eastern religions.

But it’s mentioned a lot in scripture three things are mentioned in the Bible that you should be doing with this book (the Bible) and that’s reading it, studying it and mediating on it. All three are emphasized throughout,” said Johnson sharing that he was reading the book of Ephesians and meditating on it and that started his book. “My meditation takes place at the computer. I just get inspired and type stuff almost like a journal that I can go back and look at.” Johnson shared that when he started writing, “The Love of God,” it wasn’t for other people or for a book. “I was just doing it because that’s what I was lead to do,” said Johnson.

The new edition features a leaders guide and a small group study plan that can be obtained through a QR code in the back of the book. The book also features a unique values chart and other discussion questions.

Both of Johnson’s books, “How to Vote…and Win!,” and “The Love of God,” can be purchased on Amazon or found on his website: “How to Vote…and Win!” will be available on this site for free with only the costs of shipping and handling.



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