Native Writes:The terror of wildfire

The moment when fire hits home — and hard — is a terror not lost on me.

I wasn’t nearby when the grassfire erupted in Conejos County, so I didn’t have to go cover it, but my heart is there, now.

Having one’s home and possessions consumed by fire is an experience I have had twice.

The first thought is to find someone to blame. That consumes too much of the time one should be spending making plans for the future.

Blame can come later.

What comes here in our Valley is genuine caring and love. Compassionate people are everywhere and they share their abundance willingly.

So it is with the family whose home was burned Sunday when nature threw a fit and burned 2,000 acres of Conejos County, including at least one’s family’s home.

They still have their lives and I have gratitude for the people who are working to put them back together.
They will never be whole. When my house burned, it took family photos along. I was fortunate that my mother and aunts had saved some duplicates, so the loss was lessened.
Photos of myself as a young adult were burned — many years as a young adult. I guess that’s what memories are for.

But, for now, there’s a family — or maybe more — who need the basic necessities of life.

Log onto the Conejos County Sheriff’s facebook site or his official page online and all the info is there.
Eventually, creature comforts will return and toys will again scatter the floors of home, but memories will remain as long as the people who had the experience are alive.
Our Valley will help with the rest.


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