Rash of burglaries and break-ins

COSTILLA COUNTY —There have been a rash of several burglaries and break-ins or attempted break-ins into sheds and garages within the town of Fort Garland.

Costilla County Sheriff Danny Sanchez is asking residents of the town of Fort Garland and all within the county to remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious activity including 4-wheelers that are out and about.

Sanchez explains how people may protect themselves.

“If possible, take photos of ATVs or suspicious people you may see in your neighborhood. Please keep your vehicles locked, along with and any ATV or sports utility vehicles you may own. Please take a photograph of your sport utility vehicle and record the VIN number and keep in a safe place. This will help us to enter the stolen property into the database we use to identify stolen property should it be located out of state or out of the Valley.

“If you have cameras installed and if you see suspicious activity on your recordings, please contact us so we may either view the footage or take the footage for investigative purposes. We are diligently working on the thefts that have occurred in this area and will continue to do so until we can bring the suspect or suspects to justice.”

Please help to be our eyes for us when we cannot be in the area patrolling. Communicate with your neighbors and share information on any suspicious activity in the areas. Please report all any suspicious information to 719-672-3302 this is the dispatch number and a deputy will be contacted and dispatched to the location of activity. Thank you!


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