Report shows Conejos County assets

CONEJOS COUNTY — The most recent report from Wall Smith & Bateman shows Conejos County has total assets of $10 million, total liabilities of almost a million and deferred inflows of resources, 41.7 million. 

Stated in materials presented is that the county could not operate without taxes.

• Current assets total $6.3 million, total assets, $16 million, current liabilities of $1.1 million, total non-current liabilities, $391,000, for a total of $1.5 million.

• Deferred inflows of resources, current-unavailable revenue, property tax of $1.8 million, total net position of $13 million. Net positions restricted $6.0 million and unrestricted $6.5 million.

This is the income statement. Auditors have added a depreciation expense and back out any capital assets. Total government activities, expenses of $12.9 million, charges for services, $1.4 million. Operating grants and contributions nearly $8 million. Without taxes, the county would have been negative $3.5 million. They had tax revenue of $3.7 million, which was increased in the net position by $178,000. A fund balance of almost $7.3 million, $2.7 million in the general fund, $2.4 million, road and bridge, $1.1 million social services, $594,000 public health fund, other governmental funds reported in the audit, $394,000, which includes the two contingency funds and the PILT Fund, inflows of resources are taxes assessed, but not collected until 2020 and offset each. other. 
Total revenues, $13.1 million
Expenditures $12.8 million and other financial sources, $142,000
An increase of $409,000.
Net change in fund balance
• General Fund $81,000
• Road and Bridge $741,000
• Social Service Fund $140,000
• The public health fund decreased by $407,000 ($497,000 OLTC payback, which took a lot of years to accumulate that amount.)
• Other governmental funds, $116,000

Statements of fiduciary assets and liabilities
• Cash and cash equivalents, county treasurer, $1.78 million the county has, but is owed to others, $108,000 from the jail commissary, the biggest entity is South Conejos School District because of their audit so the county had to hold on to those funds. Everyone that the county collects funds such as towns, special districts, by the 10th of next month the treasurer has to release those funds.
• The Lodging tax fund exceeded appropriations by $915 during 2019, so they will get a letter. They spent more than they budgeted for
• Long-term debt is the capital lease, which shows a five-year lease.
•  The county has been working on the COVID-19 funding and are preparing to turn in a request for $200,000. The town of Antonito will be turning in $92,000 and La Jara isn’t receiving what is needed to file a claim.

There were few problems, even with the COVID situation. Auditors said the county management was so accommodating, they were able to get what they needed. 



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