SPMDTU continues to enrich Hispanic communities

ANTONITO — La Sociedad Proteccion Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos was founded in 1900 by Celedonio Mondragon, among a core group of supporters in Antonito. The SPMDTU began as an organization that sought, through non-violent actions, to combat the exploitation of Hispanic workers by land barons and mine owners. 

Still operating in its original home, the SPMDTU is the oldest surviving Hispanic organization in the United States. It is member run and comprised of a diverse group of men and women who conduct monthly meetings and functions, in order to further the organization’s vision. They are bound together by their common interest in enriching Hispanic communities and families, with fundraising efforts aimed at providing and enhancing community services as well as offering scholarships. 


• To sustain a cultural awareness of our Colonial Spanish and Indio/ Native American heritage 

• To preserve and encourage the use of the Spanish language. 

• To encourage higher education for young Hispanics, by raising funds for the SPMDTU Scholarship Fund. 

• To help break down barriers that youth and minorities face in pursuit of professional careers. 

• To protect and advocate for others in need, regardless of race or ethnicity. 

• To acquire a strong presence and reputation in our communities. 

• To promote the personal growth of our members by upholding values of integrity, respect for other, and honesty in our personal and professional lives. 

The overall mission is to enrich the lives of our members, families and communities through community involvement, volunteer commitment and financial generosity. 


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