Tracy Joe Freel

Tracy Joe Freel, 57, of Moffat, Colo., passed away on June 21, 2022, suddenly by stepping in to protect a woman in a domestic violence situation.

Tracy was born on April 18, 1965, in Alamosa, Colo., to Danny Freel of Mosca, Colo. Tracy grew up in the San Luis Valley.

He spent many years as an adult in Washington state before coming home and settling in the Valley for good. He married, found love, had children, and discovered loss and pain throughout his lifetime.

Tracy was a funny, quirky, spunky, and very happy-go-lucky man. He liked to make people laugh; it was his superpower.

He loved working outside and with his hands. He loved cowboy movies and hated spiders. Tracy was far from perfect but had a good heart. He believed in the Lord and his faith. Tracy lived life fast and intensely.

On the last day of his life, he was leaving Moffat, heading out of town to start a new life in Aztec. He had lunch at the food bank and decided to drop a prayer request in the box to ask for blessing for his new beginning in Aztec. I guess the Lord had other callings for him.

Tracy is survived by his father, two sisters, five children, one grandchild, one pup, countless friends, and numerous others.

On behalf of the Freel family, we would like to thank the community for all the kind words and support that have been given and shared. It means the world to us that Tracy touched so many of you.