Valley football All-Conference Football honors

Photo by Stephen Jiron Isiah Wellman (22) of Mountain Valley-Moffat fights through a tackle at the sideline during a football game at Sierra Grande on Sept. 21, 2018. Wellman was given the honor of Most Valuable Player in the Southwest League.

2A- Intermountain

First Team

Davis Gonzales, Alamosa

Armando Martinez, Alamosa

Antonio Rivera, Alamosa

Alexander Stokes, Alamosa

Second Team

Chad Jackson, Alamosa

Ian Jackson, Alamosa

Kody Brubacher, Alamosa

Brendon Madril, Alamosa

8 Man- Mountain

Offensive Player of the Year- Frankie Torrez, Sargent

First Team

Braxton Asbell, Sargent

Clay Canty, Sanford

Riley Clayton, Sangre de Cristo

Jacob Deacon, Sargent

Dalton Gartrell, Sanford 

Kelton Gartrell, Sanford  

Eddy Gonzalez, Sargent

Keegan Medina, Del Norte

Chase Mortensen, Sargent

Cole Seger, Sargent

Second Team

Kaleb Batzer, Del Norte

Blaine Behil, Sargent

Mario Enriquez, Sangre de Cristo 

Chase Holman, Sanford

Thad Jackson, Sanford 

Kage Pepper, Sargent 

Izeah Petersen, Del Norte

Honorable mention

Blaine Behil, Sargent 

Jermaine Charlie, Sargent

Jake Slane, Sangre de Cristo 

Gavyn Smith, Sanford 

Preston Terrell, Del Norte

6 Man- Southwest

Coach of the Year- Joel Johnson, Mountain Valley-Moffat

Most Valuable Player- Isiah Wellman, Mountain Valley-Moffat


David Hammel, Mountain Valley

Van Keith, Mountain Valley-Moffat

Ambrosio Mondragon, Sierra Grande

Elijah Roberts, Mountain Valley-Moffat

Caleb Scharsch, Sierra Grande

Sal Vigil, Mountain Valley-Moffat

Honorable mention

Richard Atencio, Sierra Grande

Isaias Minchaca, Sierra Grande 

Cedar Ross, Mountain Valley

Lennie Valdez, Sierra Grande


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