Valley School Board and City Council election results

SAN LUIS VALLEY — The 2021 election took place on Tuesday night and there will be a few new faces in offices representing education offices in the San Luis Valley. Counties, in the case of Alamosa, also voted for the city council and, in the case of Saguache, had municipal issues on the ballot. 

Conejos County 

Conejos County had 100 percent of the votes counted as of 10:43 p.m. on election night according to the Secretary of State website. 

The North Conejos School District housed a single race for the Director of District C. Harmon Hostetter earned 57 percent of the vote in the county with 733 votes to lead Larry Zaragoza. 

Costilla County 

Costilla County had 100 percent of the votes counted as of 9:46 p.m. on election night according to the Secretary of State website. 

Districts 2, 3 and 4 all held races for the Centennial School District. In District 2 Rebecca Becky “Romero” led Michael Gallegos by four votes 256-252. District 4 was not nearly as close and Gilbert Apodaca had 75.1 percent of the votes with 403 in his race against Tanya Portillo. 

Lucas Casias ran unopposed in District 3. 

In the Sierra Grande District 2 race Walter Roybal led Mirella Molina with 62.9 percent of the vote collecting 309 votes. 

Alamosa County 

Alamosa had contests on both the City Council as well as the School Board. 

On Council, Both Mayor Ty Coleman and City Councilor Ward 4 Michael Carson ran unopposed and are expected to serve another term. In the race for Councilor at Large, Incumbent Jan Vigil held an unofficial lead of 1,219 to 654 at press time over challenger Donnie Bautista. Ward 2 was an open space between Candidates Kyle Woodward, Darrel Cooper and Lori Smith. Woodward held onto a slim lead of 262 to nearest challenger Smith’s 234. Cooper had 128 at last count. 

Alamosa School Board accepted a shuffle on election night with incumbents Star Quintana and Amy Raya falling behind to respective challengers Justin Rilling and Patrick Alan Colvin. Rilling held an unofficial 1,663 to 1,445 lead over Quintana while Colvin was edging Raya by a 5 vote margin, 1510-1505. Both Amanda Wilkinson and Gloria Solis will likely earn seats on the board without a challenge. 

Mineral County 

Mineral County had 100 percent of the votes counted as of 7:43 p.m. on election night according to the Secretary of State website. 

Creede School District held a race for 3 positions on the School Board out of a field of five. Greg Peason led the voting in the county with 444 votes at 29.13 percent followed by Jennifer Castleberry with 327 and then Brittni Shambaugh Addison with 290. 

Rio Grande County 

Rio Grande County had 100 percent of the votes counted as of 8:16 p.m. on election night according to the Secretary of State website. 

Center Consolidated School District had two races. G. Lyn Bogle is the projected winner over Miquel Rios with 67 percent of the vote 245-149. Misty Palacios won her race unopposed. 

The race for Monte Vista District C-8 Board of Education Director will elect two for four-year terms and was a tight race. The top three candidates were separated by 33 votes. Orlando DeHerrera and Kurtis Holland were prospective winners finishing with 26.4 and 25.5 percent of the vote respectively. Angela Waggoner finished 9 votes behind Holland with 617 and Ruthanna Seger earned 562 votes taking 22.8 percent of the vote. Cliff Kincannon will look to earn a two-year term serving the Monte Vista School District as a Board of Education Director having run without opposition. 

Further north, Sargent School District was electing three Directors for a four-year term and a one for a two-year term. Of the three candidates running for the three four-year term positions, Lorena Price finished with 269 votes making up 34.5 percent with Michele Peterson collecting 265 at 33.9 percent and Matthew Smartt taking 246 votes at 31.5 percent. The two-year term position will likely go to Nathan Burkhart who earned 193 votes at 58.6 percent of the tally ahead of Clayton Mitchell’s 136 votes. 

Out west, the Upper Rio Grande School District was electing two Directors for a four-year term. It was a crowded field with six candidates. Bridget Kreutzer took 510 votes for 22.8 percent followed by Leroy Trujillo with 423 votes for 18.9 percent. 

Saguache County 

In Saguache County, there were school board races and ballot issues. 

Mountain Valley School District sought two Board of Education Members out of a field of seven. James A. Jaminet led the pack earning 208 votes as of press time with 21.8 percent of the vote. Behind Jaminet was Lisa Hammel with 196 votes as of press time with 20.5 percent. Jaminet and Hammel figure to earn the positions with nearest vote earner Stan Neilsen finishing 42 votes back with 154 taking 16.18 percent. 

Candidates in the Sangre De Cristo School District election ran for two at-large director positions. Lance D. Curtis picked up 28 votes for 38.8 percent of the vote and Stacey Lynn Eskew got 26 votes for 36.1 percent. 

As far as the Ballot Issues were concerned, Saguache was in favor of 1A, an additional 5 percent tax raise on the sale of retail and medicinal marijuana. The issue is expected to pass with 56 percent of the vote and a 954-vote total. Issue 6B, a library mill levy adjustment, also was strongly favored taking a commanding 68.8 percent of the vote with 840 votes. 

Election results are not final until certified. Results are presented based on votes in each respective county.