Watch for access signs along Conejos River

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CONEJOS RIVER — The Conejos River is one of the best fishing areas in the state, but it isn’t all open to the public.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Officer Rod Ruybalid approached the Conejos Board of Commissioners (BOC) that easements for public access are important and necessarily need to be made by the county.
The Conejos River has fishing access and easements along more than 60 miles of its course and Ruybalid asked for a memo of understanding (MOU) from the BOCC regarding that access.
He said persons who are crossing private land to reach the river are being ticketed, though fishing areas and hours are posted.
He said the sheriff will be the most involved in enforcing this and the MOU is needed due to subdivisions in the area.
Fishermen and women have designated parking areas and can walk along the river from them, but they can’t walk across private property. Hunters and other outdoor recreationists cannot use the easements; they are just for fishing, Ruybalid told the commissioners.
Access along the Bear Creek subdivision is particularly being watched, he said.
CPW reminds visitors to check current hunting, fishing and land use regulations when planning to visit a State Wildlife Area.

There is a State Wildlife Area easement along more than 60 miles of the River’s course, so there’s plenty of room to fish.

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