Whatcha thinking?

I think most of you can relate to the use — and probably overuse — of Facebook by most people. As soon as you log in, Facebook asks “What’s on your mind” as a daily reminder to post any and everything that crosses the old noggin. And the main problem is people will tell you.

Of late Ol’ Dutch has had some excess time away from the rat race as I have been sitting up in the aspen trees in my elk blind. A lot. So, I do have to tell you that I get to thinking quite a bit more than normal — always dangerous according to Miss Trixie, even in small amounts.

Today the chipmunks came around as usual for a snack and managed to get my cookies out of my pack and eat them all. One little fat fellow I am really concerned about as he went mostly for the frosting, and I fear he may get diabetes. A tiny shrew also visits me daily and gets his helping of nuts and raisins that he scurries into his three hiding spots under logs close by. I can only imagine how he must store these up in stacks underground in preparation for the winter. And just like the shrew, I know a thing or two about storing things for the lean days ahead.

Mainly this idea came from the last ten years of cohabitation with Miss Trixie and her penchant for collecting plates, cups, plastic storage containers and the like. I have heard she came by it honestly as her mother Miss Billie bought all the Tupperware at any garage sale she could find. Little did we know that Billie had a great strategic use for all that Tupperware. One day she had Miss Trixie help her gather up three huge boxes of old rubbery storage things and send them all back in for a replacement. Yes, you heard that right. Replacements. Billie knew that her Tupperware had a lifetime warranty and even those missing lids were honored under the company policy. Soon she was awash with brand new Tupperware containers enough to stock a small Army base and all the church socials.

So Miss Trixie has inherited some of those same storage container shortage worries and so we have a lot of stuff.

I guess I do not mind but it's gotten to the point that when I open the cupboard a cascading rain of plastic will suddenly break loose and fall on the floor. This elicits some harshly spoken words on the part of Ol’ Dutch which usually launches Miss Trixie into action to pick it all up. Why just the other day I opened the refrigerator and a nice big bowl of leftover peas crashed out onto the floor. But I have to agree with Trixie that it was my fault as she said I was the one that wanted to eat them later so they were balanced carefully on top of the jelly jar.

Another newer collectible thing she has gotten into is rockhounding. And boy has she found some real treasures. And since Ol’ Dutch comes from a long line of rockhounds and rock-hard-headed folks, I do enjoy the hobby with her, somewhat. But let me tell you, stepping on an errant stone in the middle of the night while barefoot does challenge all the reasons I love that woman so.

I got to thinking — again — and have decided that with the recent war in Ukraine maybe, just maybe Miss Trixie can go over there and teach them a thing or two about minefields herself. A few carefully planted cupboards or small rocks left in just the right places and discovered by your enemy will get a loud response from them and then you know where they are.

Yes, I have had too much time of late to really think and today I even got to wondering what the little shrew thinks about all winter snuggled under the deepening snow. And I finally came to the conclusion that he probably thinks about nothing and therein is the secret to his happiness.

And if you ask most men what they are thinking about they will say “nothing” so Ol’ Dutch is going to try that on for size himself. To which a lot of you may say, “Amen.”


Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV, or hike daily. His email is [email protected]. Additional news can be found at www.troutrepublic.com.